Multidisciplinary designer & visual artist
university tutor
Emily Timms (also known as Emily-Jayne) is a multidisciplinary designer and visual artist based in Brisbane/ Meanjin. 
Her design practice focuses on UI (User Interface) design for mobile devices and participatory design (including the end user in the design process).In saying this her practice also extends to  (but is not limited to) visual branding, poster design, social media content, concept, and layout design. Emily has been working as a freelance designer for multiple years now, as well as working under multiple companies including Code Hereoes, Appafy, and Beserk (an online clothing store). 
Emily is also a multi-media visual artist, having presented her work at multiple events and venues including 

When Emily is not designing or being covered in paint, you can find her tutoring at the QUT School of Design, where she has worked consistently since 2018. 

Feel free to reach out and say hi through the contact page.