I strongly believe I learned how to draw before I learned how to write. My visual art practice varies but normally strays back to a focus on weird shapes and bright contrasting colors, exploring themes of mental health, playfulness, and being human. 

When I am not painting strange things on blank surfaces I am normally painting a weird amount of cats and dogs in exchange for money. 
Pushing up Daisies 2020

Weird Shapes 2020

Flower Brain 2020

Blink 2019

Mushroom (in progress) 2019

Weird Face 2020

Amelia 2019

It's just DNA 2020
David Bowie 2021
Hairless Cat 2018

Tiger 2019

Plant 2019

Jenna 2019

Wookie 2019

Rowena 2018

Pumpkins 2018

Large cat painting commission 2018

Small Cat painting commission 2018