Suppart (a mash up of the words support and apart) is a fictitious product that helps women detect early signs of Breast Cancer. The product takes the form of a bra that scans breast tissue and lights up if cancer is found. This is the branding campaign to support this product. The products main goal is to encourage women (especially younger women) to regularly check their breast for early detection of cancer. As well as women who have had breast cancer in the past. The imagery aims to still be thought provoking but less intimidating then some current breast cancer awareness material.

The branding campaign for this project included visual posters (as seen above), logo design, product packaging and product instructions. 
The final logo design was inspired by the medical symbol (visual includes two snakes on a winged rod, also known as the Rod of Asclepius). Curved edges were purposely used to provoke visual messaged of comfort, nurture and protection. The soft triangular base creates a visual message of strength and action. The human icon in this logo has a gap at their chest as a provocative visual symbol towards breast cancer. 

This campaign aimed to be both impactful (with it's subtle use of imagery including the blank chest square in the logo) but also approachable, promoting health engagement instead of fear (as seen with many other campaigns, risking the viewer to recoil and disengage). Lollipops have been used as a visual symbol throughout this branding campaign due to it's familiarity and approachability.
The juxtaposition of the lollipops represents a bra. The right broken lollipop, symbolizes the physical loss of breast tissue, emphasising the shock factor. Below the image is the caption “Breast Cancer Is Never Sweet”, using a play on words with the sweet taste of lollipops. Products name, slogan and logo beneath the caption portray the text in a triangular design.  The overall layout exposes a bra and underwear set (refer to outlined shapes above), adding to the humour and memorability of the advertisement.
To create consistency and recognisability with other breast cancer campaigns, bright colours have been used throughout. 
Above is a mock-up of the poster used in a real world setting. 
Continuing on from this visual branding, the following packaging prototypes were created to display and sell the product.
Package design prototype, shopping bag. 
Package design prototype, product coat hanger and overlay tags. 
Package design prototype, product instruction tags. 

Flat design of product instruction tags