Suppart (a mash up of the words support and apart) is a fictitious product that helps women detect early signs of Breast Cancer. The product takes the form of a bra that scans breast tissue and lights up if cancer is found. This is the branding campaign to support this product. The products main goal is to encourage women (especially younger women) to regularly check their breast for early detection of cancer. As well as women who have had breast cancer in the past. The imagery aims to still be thought provoking but less intimidating (which normally scares women) then current breast cancer awareness material.

The above image is a packaging sample to go with the fictitious product's branding campaign.

Instructions to use the device had to be clear, simple, unthreatening, visually appealing and contain minimum text to ensure an undisturbed user experience.

The designs are image heavy because they co-exist as a fold out tag that is attached to the product.

Pictorials use a clean aesthetic that still aligns to the branding theme.

By using uncomplicated imagery and minimum text in an easy step by step instructions creates very clear and informative design.

For the product's advertisment I experimented with playful imagery and symbolism.

The above sample symbolises women's breasts with the imagery of lollipops (the broken one portraying the effects of breast cancer).

The placement of imagery and text also creates symbolism within the design piece, portraying the shape of a woman's bra and underwear.