Emily Jayne Timms


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Emily Timms is a visual designer and sessional academic currently working at QUT School of Design.

Emily has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive and Visual Design, a background in user interface design for mobile devices and is currently completing her Masters of Philosophy. Her current research project focuses on the following skillset; co-design and participatory design research methods, participant recruitment, data collection and analysis. As well as workshop facilitating, an understanding of the ethics application process and designing an outcome based on the participant’s contribution.

Her current research looks into human-centered design practices, such as participatory design, in order to co-create educational resources around young people’s sexual health and relationships. By including the end-user at the beginning of the design process not only helps create a relevant, easily adaptable design solution to the user’s everyday life but it also empowers individual groups to have their voices heard. This has been achieved through a series of creative co-design workshops and user testing

Emily has been working as a sessional tutor at QUT School of Design since 2018, facilitating across a range of design units.

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